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Yo, I am marlitza. Well, dats my nickname but my real name ain't your business so I don't need to tell ya. I'm nobody special, just a weird, silly looking human. And dis, yes this thing is my personal blog. Just a blog where I write type anything. Really, anything dat I want, wat's on my mind, movies, anything...

Typings 'Bout Keys Stuffs
on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 2:49 PM | problems?
Last doodle with paint tool sai ;A;
Hi all, how are you? Me, I'm fine... Its just that I miss paint tool SAI soo much! And photoshop too! Ungghh! Okay, I can draw traditionally, but I really miss drawing digitally! I'm so jealous looking at arts now. Just when I can draw digitally again? Okay, just a short one this time. I'm using cell phone you know...

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