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Yo, I am marlitza. Well, dats my nickname but my real name ain't your business so I don't need to tell ya. I'm nobody special, just a weird, silly looking human. And dis, yes this thing is my personal blog. Just a blog where I write type anything. Really, anything dat I want, wat's on my mind, movies, anything...

Typings 'Bout Keys Stuffs
on Monday, June 24, 2013, 11:32 PM | problems?

I CHANGED THE SKIN ALRIGHT! But I'm not sorry, I'm sowy//slapped
Okay okay.... Its already June and dat last skin is for April. I just made that last skin for fun but I become too lazy to change it again... But here it is! I fixed it! Happy now?
I wonder if anyone will even read this short post XD


Blogger FarrahNyaan said on 6/25/13, 9:47 AM  

Litza-san, Akhirnya TTwTT

Blogger Marlitza said on 6/25/13, 9:55 AM  

Iya... Akhirnya ^^"

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