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Typings 'Bout Keys Stuffs
on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 8:46 PM | problems?
Hi, english today! xD I suddenly like to use english. =~=" Crazy huh? I don't think sooo... (?) Okay, so like usual how are you? I am fine here! I am in a happy mode right now! Did you know why? I'll tell you about it at 100 years from now. Its because....... I DOWNLOADED MACROMEDIA FLASH!!!! Did you read one of my posting about flash? In that posting, I really want flash so badly! I download it x HERE. Actually, my very first time using flash is before I download it. I use it for my first time at the ICT with one of my friend (R). I ask my friend that join the animation club to help me and R make an animation. I'll post the result next time. I am too lazy for that xD. Then, after I downloaded it I search how to make a game using flash in youtube and after I watched it I realized that it is reeeaaaally hard!!! We have to master codes like Javascript or something like that! I stunned that time. Jaw-drop seeing the codes to make just a very simple game. It's really hard! My feeling is like it is my first time looking at the codes of a blogskin! But I finnaly make a simple one by copy pasting all the codes from Google xD But but... Even if it is just copas, I feel proud of my self! xD Hahaha.... Okay... That's it for today. I am too lazy to write a long post today and its night already and I have to prepare the things for "mendongeng" in BI lesson. GOMENASAI~

Blogger SAKI★ said on 10/11/12, 7:58 PM  

what's that? Macromedia Flash?

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/12/12, 2:12 PM  

Macromedia flash is a program like Photoshop that is used to make GIFs, Games, Movies, etc. It's a really wonderful program!

Blogger Neko☆Sky said on 10/13/12, 11:18 AM  

I also have that program but, I dunno how to use it (>︵<")

Blogger Michiyo Fujiwara said on 10/13/12, 2:21 PM  

Ah, are you talking about Macromedia Flash from ur last post? .w. So cool! i want to try it! *w*/

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/13/12, 6:30 PM  

Aya Try search how to use it in google or youtube. Playing with flash is very fun! Apalagi kalau mainnya berdua sama teman.

Astri Yes! That's it! Yeah! You have to try it!

Blogger Lulu-chan said on 10/13/12, 6:53 PM  

Hai Litza~
i want download Micromedia Flash .w.
but... free? /traktakdungcess

Blogger Neko☆Sky said on 10/13/12, 7:49 PM  

hoooaaaa, when I read the tutorial, that's really make me confuse (✖︵✖)
ukh, my eyes...so many words..

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/14/12, 11:50 AM  

Lulu Haiii...
Just download it, it's free. So first you download it. Open the file using WinRAR. Then open a document named KeyGen. Open KeyGen.exe. change the product from dreamweaver 8 into flash 8. after that, copy the serial. Open the setup.exe and paste the serial.

Aya Just try to follow the tutorial...

Blogger Lulu-chan said on 10/14/12, 12:04 PM  

souka :3
itu sizenya berapa? OAO /najong ke indonesia/

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/14/12, 12:19 PM  

Size? 107 MB. Kenapa?

Blogger SAKI★ said on 10/15/12, 4:26 PM  

oh,i see.eum,itu untuk buat animasi kan? xD

Blogger Michiyo Fujiwara said on 10/16/12, 9:02 AM  

it's so hard! i can't use it! OAO What should i do?!

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/19/12, 8:12 PM  

Saki Ya, seratus buat kamu!

Michiyo What is so hard? installing it or making the animation?
Installing Flash is easy, a piece of cake!
But to make a game, IT IS HARD!

Blogger SAKI★ said on 10/20/12, 9:35 AM  

waah..marlitza pengen bikin animasi.kayaknya jago nih xD ajarin aku dong...

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/20/12, 10:57 AM  

Ha? Aku sama sekali ga jago kok =A="

Blogger SAKI★ said on 10/20/12, 9:29 PM  

masa sih? xD kalau sering berlatih pasti jago deh! xD aku juga pengen bikin animasi. tapi, males *loh? //dor. kalau udah bisa, bikin tutornya yaaa ;)

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/21/12, 11:39 AM  

Believe me, aku ga jago! Yah moga moga bisa jadi jago deh... =w="
Aku juga males... XD hehehe... *toss*
Bikin tutor? saya tidak berbakat dalam membuat tutor & seperti yang dikatakan diatas, saya malas. XD Kapan kapan deh... kalau lagi kuker

Anonymous Anonymous said on 10/28/12, 9:42 AM  

ah glad that you were able to download the flash thing! i would love to have it as well but apparently they don't have the file for mac.

/virtually throws useless laptop into the corner/

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/28/12, 2:43 PM  

Yes, thank you! They don't have the file for mac? Ah.. flash is a very interesting program.

/virtually catches the laptop/ Don't throw your laptop, laptop is expensive.

Blogger kokacream said on 10/28/12, 5:28 PM  

WOW.. COOL!! You want to make a game?! COOL!! XDDD

Anonymous Anonymous said on 10/28/12, 7:00 PM  

I know right my laptop doesn't have anything other than an overprice Photoshop and The Sims.

Sigh I don't like my laptop. D: But I am comfortable with it already bahahaha.

Blogger Marlitza said on 10/30/12, 5:13 PM  

Koka Cool? Why??? o.O

Grace What is overprice means?

How come you are comfortable with it when you don't like it? XD

Anonymous Anonymous said on 10/30/12, 8:04 PM  

overpriced* lol sorry. anyway, it means way too expensive for what it's actually worth?

well like it or not, i still use it almost everyday so of course i get used to the crap that is my laptop.

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