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Yo, I am marlitza. Well, dats my nickname but my real name ain't your business so I don't need to tell ya. I'm nobody special, just a weird, silly looking human. And dis, yes this thing is my personal blog. Just a blog where I write type anything. Really, anything dat I want, wat's on my mind, movies, anything...

Typings 'Bout Keys Stuffs
on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 10:26 PM | problems?
Hello~ So how are you guys? I hope all of you are fine... It's been a long time since the last time I post some thing especially in English xD My grammar is bad and I know it. Just want to try talking with English here.. You know, there are soooo many tests and assignments to do this week! It's so very exhausting! Did you guys have tests and assignments this week too? It seems that the secondary in our school needs test at the end of every term! OMG! At primary, we rarely have tests! All the students in grade 7 becomes really wild! They shout to every teacher that want to give us test/assignment to postpone it or not to have it and that makes class noisy! Maybe some will hate noisy class like how Lizzy said in her post in her melancholic blog that is full of sad things but to me, noisy class brings back memory of my class in primary 6, Himalaya. It may be the noisiest class I've ever seen in primary. Talking about noisy things, our noisiest lesson in secondary is chemistry! Not like the other lesson, it's not because tests and assignments even worst than that! People in our class no, almost all secondary students like to joke and make fun of the chemistry teacher. Last week is the worst of all! It's because there's someone having birthday and they keep bullying that student until it's time to go home. The chemistry teacher is actually my mother's patient and my mom calls him a crazy teacher, I don't know why and I don't want to know. You want to know? Please ask my mom yourself.#slapped

Ah, I wanna talk about blog now. Hm... I'm thinking that my blogskin is really ugly. I wanna change my skin but I didn't have any idea TAT So... I want you to describe the type of skin you like, and please make it long  I love long comments! I like to read 'em! PLEASEE!!! Make it minimal six sentences! aw, c'mon... Only six! But more will be appreciated! Describe the color, font, navigatior, header, effect, hover, anything please! It's no need to be in English, using Indonesian is okay I didn't hate my own country do you? I expect not ^^  Ah, it's already 10:20 PM?! Oh my god.... No wonder I'm so sleepy! And did you know why I am able to write a post this late at night? haha... Tomorrows (20 September 2012) holiday! Guess why! I'll be waiting for the answer! Hehehehe.... I just wanna make you have something to comment since there are not many people that is NOT in hiatus mode TAT

Thank you to read this crazy posting, hope you enjoy it! I have to sleep now~ GOMENASAI!


Blogger Michiyo Fujiwara said on 9/20/12, 7:32 AM  

noisy classrom? .w. Hmm..., my class is noisy too~ xDD sometimes it feels good, but sometimes too i'm so angry when my friends shout very loud including me too~
exam? i haven't exam now.. but, i've exam at October~ Maybe i'll hiatus TTATT Good luck Litza~

Blogger Marlitza said on 9/20/12, 1:20 PM  

Michiyo: Hehehe...xD Yes, it can be good and it can be annoying.
OCTOBER!! Not fair!!! (>A<)/ Hiatus? NOOOOO!!!
Could you please describe the type of skin you like? PLEAAsSEEE!!!

Blogger Lizette Terechia said on 9/20/12, 8:04 PM  

Siapa yang dibully stella? ._.)/ Si Hanny? siapa atuh?? #ganyambung

Blogger Lizette Terechia said on 9/20/12, 8:11 PM  

haha!! Kalo test sih gw udh biasa!!! Minggu dpn ada test MTK lg 8) klas ku (yg skrang) dinobatkan sbagai kelas plg berisik (terutama saat TEST) dan plg heboh di SMP!!! Tp jg dinobatkan sbgai kelas terpintar '-') jd kangen pas klas 6 8'D Kelas you tuh plg ribut!!!!! Waktu test aja kalian ribut bgt, sampai pernah si mdm yuyun marahin kita... pdhal klas kalian itu =_=) #dor
btw, kudengar si Alvin jd banci gitu ya? :D wkwkwkwk, jujur, dy itu ngingetin aku ama si Gillan!!! Gillan itu bejo a.k.a hoki bgt, dpt nilai 97 pas test Sjrah... pdhal english ama mtk remedial.. XD

Blogger Michiyo Fujiwara said on 9/21/12, 7:19 AM  

i agree! XDD if that's class mine, i'll force they! XDD
huh? .w. i dunno want to hiatus too... but (maybe) i'll TTATT
hmph.., my type skin? for what? .w. i like cute skin likes ur 2nd skin deshu~ :3

Blogger Marlitza said on 9/21/12, 6:26 PM  

Lizzy: Haaa???? Siapa yang bully si Hanny?!!! Ga nyambung sekali...

Enaknyaaaa..... Kalau saya minggu dpn ulangan physic, chemistry, inggris sama agama! Lama ulangan menjadi tradisi/kebiasaan dehhh ==" Mantapp.. Berisik tapi pintar!!! Tong penuh nyaring bunyinya dong!!(?) Setujuuu!! Iya.. Gurunya baik lagii... Kebalikan kls kalian! Ga gitu sih... Tapi dia suka pura pura jadi banci gitu... Bukan jd banci kayak stanley gitu... XD hehehe... Gillan? Siapa tuh?! Pacar baru mu?! #slappped emangnya dia banci .A. Itu bukan hoki kali' mungkin dia memang pintar! Walaupun hanya dalam bidang sjrah... .___.)

Blogger Marlitza said on 9/21/12, 6:27 PM  

Michi: Yes yes!
I don't want tooo!!!
Can you make it more detail?

Blogger Lizette Terechia said on 9/23/12, 2:05 PM  

dy beneran hoki tahu! (wOAO)w Gilan itu anak kelas 7B yg terkenal akan keributan dan kerusuhannya 8D dia itu istri(?) nya perdana! X"D Kalau disini Ulangan mah biasa aja .3.)

Blogger ¢єяιѕα - ¢нєяяу said on 9/25/12, 2:56 PM  

Midtest aku udah selesai ;) Skin yang aku suka, ng, yang ga ada satupun bagiannya yang kepotong, warnya lembut, C-Boxnya ga susah dicari, tapi Skin litza udah bagus, kok! ^^

Blogger Marlitza said on 9/25/12, 9:38 PM  

Lizzy: Iya deh... ya.... Terserah kamu deh... Mau dia hoki, dia ribut, bukan urusanku. ga kenal #plak

Cherry: Wah... enak ya.. aku masih banyak test TAT
bagian yang kepotong itu seperti apa?

Blogger Cʜᴀɴᴇʟ.C said on 9/25/12, 11:04 PM  

Follow me@marcchanelette.blogspot.com

Blogger Marlitza said on 9/25/12, 11:26 PM  

Cʜᴀɴᴇʟ.C: I followed you~

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