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Yo, I am marlitza. Well, dats my nickname but my real name ain't your business so I don't need to tell ya. I'm nobody special, just a weird, silly looking human. And dis, yes this thing is my personal blog. Just a blog where I write type anything. Really, anything dat I want, wat's on my mind, movies, anything...

Typings 'Bout Keys Stuffs
on Saturday, November 26, 2011, 2:32 PM | problems?
Heyo all!!!
I changed the template of this blog...
How it is? Maybe not very nice....
I think my previous blog is nicer than this one... = =''
I also disabled the right click...
now, I'm trying to add tabs...
But it's very hard so I canceled it...
By the way, I'll tell you a manga that I like..
The title is Inorihime wa Sora ni Warau!
The author is Yuzu Mizutani, someone who made MagiclexMiracle
This manga (inorihime wa sora ni warau) is actually not the end yet...
Then, I changed the style of title,
and I've added some games too!!!
I also edited so many pictures!!
but I will only upload some

and I will tell you my accounts:
Facebook: Stella Clarissa  www.facebook.com/stella.clarissa01
Twitter: @HimaNadeshiko (kalau gak salah...)
Email: marlitza.cranstone@gmail.com / stellaclarissa2000@yahoo.co.id
 By the way...
Please comment about my edits! Pleasee!!!!
hm... What should I say again....

Oh yeah!!!
 I'm in a good mood so I'll give you a code of a cute gadget!!

<embed height="360" src="http://dl.otakugen.com/mikuclock.swf" width="300"></embed>

NOTE: I've just said that I make no right click so, you can copy the gadget code by using ctrl and c



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Yah... Gak ada komen...

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